A Little Brent Ryan Musical History

Let’s have a little fun. I really don’t know if have a “sound”. In the musician world we talk about finding “your sound”, some elusive part of your soul that has to be opened up through a variety of spiritual musical experiences and suddenly you’ve found your place among the spinning planets in perfect harmony with all of creation. Is there a Brent Ryan Sound? I don’t know…you tell me.

Where Is That Record You Promised Us?

Yes, yes, it is true. I had hoped that all of you by now would be listening to Cinnamon Pass, the debut Brent Ryan album, on all of your Spring afternoons with a Robert Earl Keen honey pilsner in your hand and celebrating the wonders and beauty of Texas music. I had hoped that. But I have good news for you friends…


Life-Changing Records, Part 1. Robert Earl Keen, Live No.2 Dinner

I became a legal resident in the world’s created by Robert Earl Keen, Pat Green, and Cory Morrow. Within months, I could sit with my musical buddies and begin stumming most of the Robert Earl Keen catalogue on cue. Many jams were built from the foundations of The Road Goes on Forever, Dreadful Selfish Crime, or Gringo Honeymoon. I had found heaven, and it wasn’t on the radio.