Luckenbach, Texas

Last night I attended my very first Picker’s Circle event at Luckenbach. Some background for you folks just in cast that sentence sounded like some German military code. Luckenbach is most famously known for its’ mention in the song by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love). It’s a good song, but as you can imagine it gets played a little too much around here. I personally don’t play it. I guess it’s my rebellion against the over-expected. Anyhow, what Luckenbach really is, is a town

Live Music Town

Me: “What brought you guys out here?” Patio music fans: “Oh, well you know, this is a live music town!” Is it? I grew up here in the Hill Country in nearby Kerrville. Both sides of my grandparents were from Fredericksburg and still lived here as I was growing up. We spent Christmases driving through downtown with the simplistic and classic downtown lights that adorned the historical shops. That was back when the shops really were historic- a mechanical supply store, a grocer, an old one-screen movie theater