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Bye Bye Social Media

Posted on August 13, 2018 in music, Music Business, Opinions, Updates

Despite all of this, I used to love being on social media, and I spent countless hours building myself up on Facebook and Twitter.  Circumstances caused me to move away from Smart Phones into more basic stuff.  And as I’ve done that, I’ve honestly enjoyed the direction of my life.  When I go to restaurants, airports, or peruse the sidewalks of my small town, I become grateful that I’m not one of the Walking Dead who are buried in their Instagram feed.  I enjoy the fact that, when I go to see some beautiful morsel of creation, that I don’t get distracted by snapping a quick selfie and seeing how fast I get to 50 likes on my post.  I can be in the moment. I like that. Read More

Chasing Your Dream

Posted on July 5, 2018 in music, Music Business, Musical Events, Musical Inspiration, Opinions

It's weird, you know, because most people, myself included, tend to always want more.  We think some long-awaited accomplishment will fix some of our major problems, or solidify our personal success. Then we reach that long-awaited accomplishment, and lo and behold, there are still problems! Seems to be a defining characteristic in the human condition.  At least it is in mine!  Read More

Is Texas Just a Mini-Nashville?

Posted on May 22, 2018 in music, Music Business, Musical Inspiration, Opinions

When tempted with the fast-track of Texas Country success, I remind myself that the slow trudge of building a true grassroots following might be the way of keeping a long, sincere, heart-felt music career in my life.  I have no clue whether you will ever see me on the mainstage at LJT. But I guarantee you I'd love to see you at my show this next weekend sitting on that little patio and listening to my songs. I hope you introduce yourself. I hope you ask where I'm performing next. I hope you keep in touch.  These are the things I hope for. Read More

New Recording Project in the Works!

Posted on April 11, 2018 in Album News, music, Musical Events, Updates

I will be returning to the studio in May in order to record five brand new songs!  These songs will be released one by one into streaming sources such as Spotify. They will combine to form a second album, EP. Once all the songs are released to streaming, I will look to produce the songs into a CD or vinyl form also for all of you collectors!  Read More

Good Songwriting? Umm, maybe?

Posted on January 10, 2018 in music, Music Business, Musical Inspiration, Opinions

I find songwriting to be a fascinating art.  Think of the elements involved. There is prose. There is poetry. There is arrangement and composition. There is musical theory. There is catchiness.  A songwriter can put together the most beautiful poetry imagineable, and shipwreck the song within a flaming catastrophic tragedy of bad music. Or the vice versa, as is often the case in pop music, the lyrical content of a six-year-old is inserted into a catchy musical arrangement, and the song goes to Billboard Top 100. Take this little snipet from the song that is currently #2 on Billboard: Read More

A Glance Back, and a Look Ahead

Posted on December 14, 2017 in Album News, music, Musical Events, Musical Inspiration, Updates

Here we are, in the twelfth month of a twelve month year.  That means 2017 is over my friends.  Did you make it a good one? I suppose a lot of bands blog with some sort of recap of their year.  I hope that doesn’t make this reflection ho-hum to you.  Reflection and vision casting Read More

Weird Place to Be?

Posted on October 24, 2017 in music, Musical Events, Opinions, Updates

It was very surreal performing in front of the crowd at the 2017 4th on the River celebration in Kerrville with Robert Earl Keen. Up to that point it had by far been our largest sound stage, and put us in the same backstage with a couple of my songwriting heroes. And then it was over. Read More

Willie & Waylon Wet-blankets

Posted on July 11, 2017 in music, Musical Inspiration, Opinions, Uncategorized

Jerry Jeff Walker was the beginning of the ruin of the Texas music scene It’s virtually impossible to succeed in the music scene of Texas currently Read More

Where Is That Record You Promised Us?

Posted on April 12, 2017 in Album News, music, Updates

Yes, yes, it is true. I had hoped that all of you by now would be listening to Cinnamon Pass, the debut Brent Ryan album, on all of your Spring afternoons with a Robert Earl Keen honey pilsner in your hand and celebrating the wonders and beauty of Texas music. I had hoped that. But I have good news for you friends... THE ALBUM IS STILL COMING! Read More

Life-Changing Records, Part 2. Jerry Jeff Walker – Viva Terlingua

Posted on January 31, 2017 in Album Review, music, Musical Inspiration

I have been anxious to continue my reflection on some of the albums that really got ahold of me through the years and influenced the way I thought about music and songwriting. The debut writing of this series was the very appropriate praise given to Robert Earl Keen’s Live No.2 Dinner album. No other record has more thoroughly saturated my songwriting framework and inspired the relational energy that I strive to capture with an audience. Read More