Brent Ryan

A Glance Back, and a Look Ahead

Posted on December 14, 2017 in Album News, music, Musical Events, Musical Inspiration, Updates

Here we are, in the twelfth month of a twelve month year.  That means 2017 is over my friends.  Did you make it a good one?

I suppose a lot of bands blog with some sort of recap of their year.  I hope that doesn’t make this reflection ho-hum to you.  Reflection and vision casting are both habits that I value. At the end of every year, my wife and I sit down (usually with a glass of wine) and spend a few minutes reviewing the victories and defeats of the year, and then put down goals and hopes for the upcoming months. It has become a rich tradition for our family.  Those goals stay posted somewhere in our home throughout the year.

But, alas, some of you are very concise and “to the point” people. So here are some bullit points to make it easy on you. Brent Ryan 2017 highlights include, and are not limited to:

There you have it.  I have met some very cool people along the way. And so I must offer these gratitudes:

Kyle Broll and the Back Porch Pickers  hosted a songwriter song-swap in Bandera, and we had a great time. Met many good songwriters, and enjoyed Kyle’s talent and the talent of his colleagues.  I predict that Kyle and I will continue to journey together in this adventure.

Chad Richard joined me at a Picker’s Circle in Luckenbach, and immediately drew me into his poetic and wonderfully unique perspective songs.  If you haven’t already, check out Chad’s music, do it now!

Walt Wilkins has helped a lot of people in his career.  But the man took some time to get to know my story, and has routinely offered me suggestions when I have felt a bit lost. Walt is one of the treasures of this Texas music scene, and I’m grateful for his time and talent.

So what’s up with 2018?

To be honest, I wish I knew an answer to the question. But this music business is like trying to forecast Texas weather.  I don’t know what is going to happen this next year. But I can tell you what I hope will happen.

I have more dreams and goals than I could possibly get down on this little blurb blog.  But, I wanted you to have the sneak preview if you’re interested.

More than anything else, I have to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you, because you are the heartbeat behind every living song. These songs take life in people’s CD players (yes, people still use them), on people’s phones, on their favorite playlists, as background music while they work, and yes at every little Texas venue.   You bring them to life. Thank you for all you do to support this music.

God bless, and may your 2018 be a year full of memories and amazing vistas.